Day 2

Mile 8-20:

I notice a pattern is already starting to form on my thru hike. I start the day happy and full of hope only to be smacked in the face hard by the PCT. Yesterday I woke up sore and bruised. It took me a while to get all my gear sorted out and packed again but it gave my muscles just enough time to relax a little.

I headed out on the trail and the first 3 miles my pace was slower than the day before but I felt alright. After taking a break though I was literally flying, my pace went up a lot higher and I started feeling confident. The next 4 miles went by in a second. I reached Hauser Creek sooner than I expected which was supposed to be my campground for the night. Here I met a few people who were going to Lake Morena and who convinced me to hike the 4 more miles that were needed to reach it. Since it’s the first water ressuply spot, it has showers, toilets, electricity and a store for food I was easily convinced. The one thing that those fellow hikers forgot to mention though was that those first three miles were uphill. And by uphill I mean climbing bloody Everest. After the first mile I was trying to decide which was going to kill me faster: a heart attack, my lungs exploding or my back breaking in half. It felt like this was never going to end. Familiar thoughts arose: ‘Why are you doing this? Go home you crazy women! You could be sitting in a chair, playing with your dog, wachting netflix. But no, hiking the PCT was your big plan. Why not spend 6 months on a beach somewhere you fool?!’ Then after 3 miles of excruciating pain, Lake Morena suddenly appeared on the horizon.

Pushing all those depressing thoughts aside I ran towards it (correction: stumbling and falling might be a little more accurate) and finally reached it. I felt victorious, I planned on arriving here on day 3 but I made it earlier. I threw off my pack and threw myself into the showers. After cleaning up and eating a good meal with all the water I could possibly need, I snuggled into my sleeping bag and fell asleep. As I’m typing I have to say that I’m a little afraid to stand up, because I’m not so sure my muscles will agree with that plan but let’s hope for the best.

(By the way saw another snake but was a lot more cool about this one)


12 miles is the goal today (apparently on easy terrain but I don’t trust it yet) so that tomorrow I reach my first town for a good night’s sleep in a bed with cushions, in a room with walls.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Als zelfs een slang die, volgens mij toch groot is, een slangetje word genoemd,
    denk ik dat ge de juiste spirit hebt om grootse daden te plegen.
    Doe zo voort Forresta.

    Uw trotse papa Bansky


  2. Wow Stephanie… Nog maar 2 dagen onderweg en ge hebt, zo te zien en zo te lezen, al heeeel veel pittigs meegemaakt! Ben er bij gaan zitten maar had m’n bril niet nodig om die slangen te zien! Waren geen van jungle book he, dit was toch al menens! Ik heb de indruk dat ge de smaak reeds goed te pakken hebt. Ben al in spannende verwachting voor uw verhaal van dag 3. Geniet van dat douchke en uw kopkussentje… And my dear your English is outstanding👊👍, Karine. Ook hug van Frank, Hocus Pocus 🐾Pats🐾 ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘


  3. Geniet van je meer dan verdiende nachtrust. Goh , knap bezig !!!
    Kijk elke dag uit naar je blog. Een knuffel is heel goed voor pijnlijke, vermoeide spieren. Dus dikke, dikke knuffel

    Tante Astrid


  4. Hi Forresta,
    volgens ne kenner, uwen broer Gert (abonnee op de Zoo),is die slang van den eerste dag
    nen “diamondblack rattlesnake”.
    In de pikorde van de slangen staat die op nummer 1 !!!!!!!
    Volgende keer als ge die tegenkomt vriendelijk goeiendag
    zeggen en maken da ge wegkomt


    • “They are one of the more aggressive rattlesnakes in the US in the way that they stand their ground when confronted by a foe. If rattling does not work, then the snake will strike in defense.” Volgende keer draai ik mij om en pak ik nen taxi naar huis


  5. Men kind toch… wa nen dag. And many more to come. Zie da ge u tanden er ni kapot bijt 😉 wel zalige post hieronder van familia enz… love ya


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