Day 3

Mile 20-32:

Made it!

I’m confused by how I am doing all of this but by some miracle I am. It’s definitely not because of my extremely muscled body. I think it’s a combination of adrenaline and a very high treshhold for pain. The first 5 miles went by in a haze, I was going slowly because every single muscle in my body was aching for rest.

I started out pretty late at around 12 AM and it was already 4 o’clock by the time I reached Boulder Oaks Campground (mile 26) and I still had 6 miles that I wanted to cover. I was thinking about calling it a day but deciced to power through instead. I really wanted to reach Mount Laguna the next day so I could rent a room.

At around 7.30 PM the sun dropped extremely fast wich made me walk the next 2 miles in pitch black dark. There isn’t anything scarier than that. (Something I will never ever do in bear country, also never again in this snake infested country). I blasted music trough my headphones because I really didn’t wanted to hear what goes bump in the night around these parts. Headlamps on and at practically a jogging pace I finally reached Mile 32 and my campground for the night.

Popped my first blister, took my first Ibuprofen and slept like a baby.

Looks like I’m in for rain today so I better get cracking.

Talk to you later!

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  1. Stephanie, jij bent echt moedig want ik denk niet dat ik dit zou aangekunnen hebben. Ik vind het fantastisch wat je doet. Hou vol, geniet er met volle teugen van en laat gerust eens een traantje rollen als het eens wat minder gaat. Keep going.


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