Day 4

Mile 32-42:

After a 10 mile hike uphill I made it to Mount Laguna. I was tired but excited to take a shower and spend the night sprawled out in a bed. It was a cloudy, cold and rainy day so I couldn’t get to the room fast enough. The big sign in front of the lodge was the first thing to catch my eye: no vacancy, all rooms rented out. I couldn’t believe it, I refused to believe it. Luckily I found out there was another lodge in town so I called the owner who cheerfully told me that the last cabin was just booked. I was absolutely miserable. I was looking forward to this so much and my body needed it badly. The only campground in town was closed due to an incident with fire (it’s called Burnt Racheria Campground, I kid you not) a while back so the only place to camp for the night was 5 miles back or 5 miles further along the trail. In all honesty this was my first low point, this was something I needed so bad both mentally and physically. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back on that trail and that I had to fix this. I called the owner of the second lodge back and booked a room for the next night. I went back out on the trail and from there hiked into the surrounding forest and found a spot suitable to pitch my tent. Waking up after yet another cold night I knew this decision was the right one. My body and my mind need a break and that’s exactly what I’m going to give them.

But don’t worry guys I’m not giving up just yet, tomorrow I’ll be back on the trail and it’s all downhill (pun intended) from here to mile 77, my next rest stop.

(I don’t have a lot of pictures of this day but I do have this incredible change in scenery)

1 mile later

(How awesome is that?)

Lots of love!

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  1. Dag Stephanie , in de ban van jouw posts en ondertussen het boek van Cheryl Strayed aan het lezen. Ga die ook halen voor Maura , Sandy en Philip. Ja je hebt hier een echt fanclub hoor. Geniet vandaag van een warme douche en een bed. En verstandige beslissing te luisteren naar je lichaam. Dikke kus tante


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