Day 5

Mile 42-42

What a day.

Packed up my gear and went to the foodstore. Drank some fresh coffee, charged my phone, read a book. Then a fellow hiker made me some tortillas filled with chicken flavoured pasta and sausages. It doesn’t sound like much but trust me it felt like I was in a 4 star restaurant. While I was stuffing my face the lodge owner called me to tell my room was ready early (He was especially nice because I lost it on the phone the day before. In my defense he was being rude and after that he was super friendly). I said my goodbyes and went up there to find the cutest little cabin with a queen size bed (heaven). Since it was still early I decided to check out the gear store because I had so much trouble sleeping as I was so cold. And not only at night, I was cold all the time. So it turns out that my sleeping bag is pure shit. 7 female hikers came in before me who were freezing at night and we all had one thing in common, our sleeping bags. Next item that was a big issue was my down jacket. No good. Too light, too fashionable (thanks Uniqlo). Then she asked me how I was eating. To be honest I’m not eating a lot at all. I have to push myself to make dinner at night and even then I can’t seem to finish my bowl. She told me I should cook half of my meal, hike a little further and then cook the other half after I pitch my tent. The problem is that I’m losing too much weight too fast which is making me so cold. She gave me something butterlike that I should put on top of my sugarbars. I also got some elektrolytes to put in my water. I switched my 800-down quilt to a 950 sleeping bag and got a super light, super warm down jacket. I had to spent a lot of unexpected money but I seriously believe this woman just saved my thru hike. Afterwards I went back to the foodstore, by that time the owner had already given me the nickname Belgium, bought some pizza and was planning on buying some corona until he said: “A belgian drinking mexican beer?”. Turns out he had stella artois. He’s my hero. Finally I unpacked and repacked my backpack.

And after a well deserved good night’s rest, I’m ready to get back out on that trail.

Thanks for all the support!

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  1. Omai stefso goe bezig! Echt leuke posts, hou da zeker vol 🙂 je moet super fier zijn op jezelf!! Wel oppassen voor de slangen ee xxx goe bezig !! geniet ervan


  2. Haha schol schat! We waren gisteren al aant zeggen na u fotoke wooow is daar stella?? Chance da je de gear shop daar bent binnen gewandeld he!!! Effie batterijkes opladen en goed rusten xxx


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