Day 6

Mile 42-52

It’s true what I’ve heard. A zero day makes you lazy. It took a while to find my rhythm which reflects on my mileage. Still those 10 miles were all centered around this view:


I also met this incredible man before I set off. He had just walked his dog on parts of the pct I suspect. And he was about to go to his car until I stopped him. Because, well, he had a dog. After hugging the cutest poodle alive he asked me if I was thru hiking the pct. It turns out he did it himself 30 years ago (he’s 75 now) and not only the pct, he hiked around the entire world. New Zealand, Australia, he section hiked the AT. He gave me some great advice and I think the most important thing was that he told me that I shouldn’t feel bad if in the end I don’t make it to Canada. “Every single mile on this trail is incredible and even if you only last a month, that’s an accomplishment in itself”. Then he stuffed my hands with snacks and energy drinks, wished me good luck and turned to his car. Not only the scenery on this trail is inspiring, I think the people I meet along the way are just as inspiring.

My new sleeping bag is AMAZING by the way. No shivering last night. It felt more like lying in a baking oven, which reflects on my muscles. Worth every penny.

Before I sign off I’d like to take a moment to thank every single person who’s reading this blog and commenting with so many supporting words. It truly makes a difference to feel so many people are thinking about me back home.

I love you, I miss you

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  1. Stefso keep up the good work! Kvind het heel leuk om je blog te lezen. Men laatste comment is ni gearriveerd zie ik net 😦 wou zeggen dat je fier op jezelf moet zijn 😁😁 xxx

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  2. Stephanie, zo spannend om je ‘big walk’ te volgen en een plezier elke morgen je blog te lezen!
    Wat je in deze 6 dagen al hebt meegemaakt is gewoon AMAZING!
    En die natuur… zo mooi!
    Heb al veel aan je gedacht en volg je op de voet,
    dikke kus, Ilse

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