Day 8

Mile 68-77

I reached scissor’s crossing in under 4 hours wich must have been my new speed record. Here I met an older couple who were planning on going to Julian as well. I got the number of a trail angel who was driving people up and down from scissors’s to Julian all day (what heroes these people are) but unfortunately couldn’t get a hold of him. We decided to try our luck and immediately found a ride into town. Steve, our driver, blessed us with his profound knowledge about the town which is an official historical landmark. Apparently it was founded in the 1800’s by a man named Julian and his brothers in function of all the goldminers who were drawn to this area. In 2003 it almost burnt down completely which is why the population is much lower these days. Upon arrival he made a quick tour through town (the city center has like two streets) and gave us excellent advice on where to eat.

I checked into my hotel which has a hiker deal that includes laundry, tea time and a 2-course breakfast (I’m never leaving).

I headed out for a walk and fell absolutely, over the top in love with this small town. It looks like a toy town you played with when you were a toddler.

Everyone is super friendly, especially when they find out you’re a pct hiker. Free pies at mom’s, free fruit at granny’s place (granny’s place, I’m still laughing). I ate the biggest burger I have ever seen, well I tried at least and then picked out a bench and read a book the rest of the afternoon. I’d like to thank the hiker who left Seabiscuit in the hiker box at scissor’s crossing. One of my favourite stories of all time and I can’t believe I’ve never read the book.

So I was going to stop my blog entry here. But I just went out again to read some more and this elderly couple passed me while I was sitting there and they were laughing so I looked up distracted. They looked at me and asked me if I overheard what they were saying. I didn’t but the woman said: “We were laughing because we just passed a younger couple and it reminded us that we didn’t have any hanky panky before we got married” (She literally said hanky panky). I laughed so hard. They continued telling me that they were a couple when they were about 18 years old but seperated only to find each other again 20 years later right after the woman was left widowed with two daughters. They got married three months later and have been together for 30 years now. How cute is that? Perfect ending after a perfect day I tell you.

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  1. Hi Steph , tof dat je zo een fijne dag had. Wat mooie landschappen allemaal.
    Alaska heeft ook zulke dorpjes. Inderdaad charmant. Het lijkt alsof je zelf ook telkens sterker voelt 👍
    Ik ga nu ook nog wat lezen in mijn pct boek. Welterusten meisje 💋


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