Day 9

Mile 77-77

After my 2-course breakfast I had a wonderful and relaxing day in Julian. I didn’t do much noteworthy except sleep, eat, sleep some more, read a little and eat some more.

I walked around and found an old jailcel which was pretty interesting.

Just like in the old cowboy movies.

A lovely woman did my laundry, after a week it was long overdue I tell you. I stocked up on food and water and am dreading the 8 liters I’ll be carrying with me already. It will be at least 24 miles until the most reliable water source so I have to make sure I take enough. Next town to reach is Warner Springs at mile 109 where I’ll make a quick stop because my bounce box is waiting for me at the post office. There’s nothing really there, no stores or lodging, just a post office and a resource center where you can take a shower, do some laundry and charge your devices. So I had to make sure to have sent some food ahead. After Warner Spring the only place to restock and perhaps spend the night is Idyllwild at mile 151. So I’m in for a long stretch starting tomorrow morning.

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  1. Eee waar is blog “day 10” ?? Ksta elke dag op me u blog en nu is die missing😥 X go go stefso ❤️


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