Day 10

Mile 77-86

Man was it warm today. I headed out on the trail around noon, and it was already searing hot. With eight liters of water in my backpack, the climb uphill was almost unbearable. After a mile I poured out two liters and crossed my fingers that the water cache 13 miles ahead was stocked. About three hours later and a meager three miles further I decided to find some shade and waited for the heat to subside.

By that time the temperature had risen to 35 degrees and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I carried on after a couple of hours and reached my campground just before the sun started setting.

I start noticing that I’m much more productive in the afternoon and early evening and utterly useless during midday. I’ve set my alarm clock for 6 am tomorrow morning and hope to hit the trail an hour later. I’m thinking that early morning might also be easier for me to find a nice pace. Taking a nap in hopefully some shade during midday and picking it back up in the afternoon.
No snakes again today buy I did almost step on this little dude

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