Day 11

Mile 86-98

With a beautiful sunrise fresh in my memory and a less hot more windy day I was ready to take on the pct once again. I managed to make it to the water cache before noon and with great relief found it fully stocked.

Big thanks to the wonderful people who help out these crazy pacific crest trail hikers. 

After one more hour of hiking I found myself a spot to cook my lunch and take a midday nap. With some beautiful scenery and a nice breeze I dozed off very quickly.

Between my lunchspot and my campground I found this extremely cool cave.

On my maps it was suggested as a spot were one could cowboycamp in but no way in hell could anyone make me crawl in there. I found out the next morning that a guy did in fact camp in there. He’s crazy. You never now if a mountain lion calls that hole his home. I wouldn’t want to be in there if he comes to check on it. I made my camp a mile or two further out in the open which I bet is much safer. Just after the sun had set I was convinced though that a bear had find me all the way from the sierras and was here to have me for dinner, but it turned out to be a sweet canadian women who was looking for a place to pitch her tent. 

The weather report and some fellow hikers warned me for rain tomorrow but let’s hope it’s not that bad.

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  1. Hi Stephanie. Eerste honderd zitten er op. Uw blog lezend vind ik dat je goed bezig bent en het ritme er goed inhoud. Doe zo verder. Stay positive. Ook vind ik de foto’s zo mooi. Wat een mooi natuur daar. Laat me wat aan Alaska denken. Wel anders daar maar ook zo adembenemend. Grts. Carlo


  2. Amai kwou dak naast u lag te nappe tijdens de lunch. Echt goed bezig met de fotos!!! ZO’N trekte der van u leven ni meer! Goed bezig stephso! Kzen trots!!!


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