Day 12

Mile 98-109

I’ve reached my first “milestone”

I’m definetely not setting any pct speed records but I am doing it nonetheless. 100 miles on the pct, nothing can take that away from me now.

The emotional rollercoaster started from there. It was pouring rain, nowhere to hide from it and freezing cold because of it. I went from hysterical laughing to crying my eyes out. It was not a pretty picture, let me tell you that. My rain gear protected me from being soaked but they didn’t protect my shoes who were becoming little swimming pools for my feet. But I carried on and got to see some great views once again.

5 miles out from Warner Springs I stumbled upon something no one warned me about. Everyone goes on and on about bear country, snake country but nobody seems to talk about these enormous beasts:

That’s right, COW COUNTRY.

Okay so they might be less vicious than your average mountain lion or grizzly. But still, if one of these big boys charges you, you’ll be just as dead. There were no wires to contain them, they were just roaming about, gaping at me as I passed.

A couple of hours later I was only half a mile out from Warner Springs and decided to camp here and heat up my soaked feet. 

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  1. Stephanie, I’m really enjoying your blog, thank you for sharing. My daughter Sydney and her friend Savannah are probably about a half day behind you (matching umbrellas and shaved heads). If you see them, say hello. Sydney’s older sister spent a year in Belgium on a student exchange near Chimay. We all went there to pick her up. Lovely country, and her host family was amazing. Safe travels to you!

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  2. Stephanie

    I love your journey! Following your adventures vicariously!

    Nasty weather indeed right now. At least you don’t have the snow as others are getting!


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    Super trots op u eerste 100 mijl !!!!
    Een echte cowgirl tussen die holsteiners 😉 😉
    Doe zo verder!

    We missen u!!



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