Day 13

Mile 109-115

Hiked into Warner Springs and found the resource center just off the trail. An awesome place filled with hikers and incredible people who would do just about anything for pct hikers. Inside the resource center there were long tables to sit at, a tv that was playing movies on the loop, free fresh coffee, charging stations, a small shop, showers, toilets, laundry facilities, cold sodas, ice cream. Just about anything a thru hiker daydreams about. I set off to the post office which was a mile and a half away and took a long time sorting everything out in my bounce box.

I ditched my deet, body glide, an extra hat and a book I finished. I hadn’t even opened the deet or body glide so I sent it a head. I took out enough food to last me seven days because I wasn’t sure if I would leave the trail at mile 151 or 179 to go into Idyllwild. Afterwards I headed back to the resource center with a hiker who just bought a gigantic pizza. He gave me a slice and we talked about all the misery this trail has brought upon us. I’m glad I’m not alone. We met another hiker who was trying to accomplish the triple crown (thru hiking the appalachian trail, the continental divide trail and the pacific crest trail) to which the pizza man replied: why? Very sound question. Then the triple crowner said that he was going to take an easy day tomorrow and hike to Mike’s place. That’s 17 miles out. 17 miles is an easy day for him. That made me feel wonderful. In the afternoon I hiked 6 miles ahead of Warner Springs because I was scared if I stayed there I was never going to leave. The scenery was breathtaking. This is what I love.

On my campground I stumbled upon a problem. I took out my tent and forgot that I stuffed it still wet and was planning on drying it out at the resource center. Problem. It was starting to rain again so I shaked the tent like a mad man to get most of the moist of. It worked out pretty well. The inside of my tent was mostly dry, just the fly was still soaking. I hurried to pitch it and got in just in time before it started pouring.

I did have one emotional moment. While I was taking a break I was looking through my camera and found this:

I miss that little pigface

I’m walking straight to you my little Pearls.

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