Day 14

Mile 115-127

The trail followed a stream for a couple of miles which was a great feeling. 

Finally a soundproof watersource. It didn’t last very long. At mile 117 the fun was over and it was a 10 mile stretch to the next water supply. A water tank at Mike’s place, a ranch holder who welcomes pct hikers onto his property. The plan was to refill there and hike until mile 130. I don’t know who I was kidding. I arrived with another lady at mile 127 after a hard climb.

We went into mike’s place only to find as much beers as we wanted offered by Tom and as many pizza slices as we could possibly eat prepared by Josh. This was just to good to resist. I pitched my tent near the house and kicked up my feet next to the bombfire. I finally got to experience the trail magic I had only read about. 

It was a great mental boost. I spent the night having heated discussions about the american ways with two mexicans, Carlos and Pedro and a Washington born american named Patches (trailname). 

(Carlos, already a legend on the pct)

Some hikers found a guitar and started yamming. At 8.30 PM (hiker midnight) we retreated into our tents. Stuffed and a little tipsy I dozed off.

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  1. Da was uwe goeien avond e 🙂 kank me voorstellen… goe discussieren me hopelijk pikante pizzas en goei glaske vino. En me goei bedoel ik goe groot hihi


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