Day 15

Mile 127-140

Woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and rushed out of my tent to get some. Carlos and I waited for Pedro and headed out together.

A little later than I wanted so the temperature was already rising. The trail started with a 5 mile climb uphill. I lost my mexican friends because my pace uphill is pretty fast. When the terrain is level I stroll, when it’s downhill I go extremely slow because it hurts my knees. But when I’m going uphill I launch myself. Quick pain is my strategy. 

Afterwards the trail went downhill until mile 140. This is where it gets bad for me. I have extremely fragile knees and by protecting them I put to much pressure on my ankles. They started burning so I took a lunchbreak and deciced to take an ibuprofen. It worked. After my meal the pain was gone. But still I’m skeptical about this medicine. I’m afraid that it doesn’t heal and just covers up the pain so by the time the effects wear off the pain is even worse because your body wasn’t able to tell you to stop. Anyway, painfree I made it to mile 140. I camped next to a dry creek, the most beautiful campground yet. 

Also met a new friend today. 

Again almost stepped on his face before I saw what it was. Backed up while a small scream escaped me. I took some pictures and just as I was lining up another shot, he started rattling at me. It’s extremely loud and creepy and for a second I thought he was charging me, fortunately less cool than his big diamondback brother, 

(Remember him? He still haunts me)

he retreated instead and allowed me to pass. Which I did, under the form of a quick sprint. After yet another snake incident someone suggested my trail name to be ‘snake whisperer’ because a lot of hikers are dying to see a rattlesnake, I am not, but by some reason they keep showing up. I’m even dreaming about them, waking up horrified. I don’t think I will be accepting this trail name. A trail name that’s named after an animal, great. After a snake, no.

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