Day 16

Mile 140-151

Woke up early and started hiking at 6:30 AM to catch this beautiful sunrise

After I finally found a signal I booked a room at the Idyllwild inn and raced up the mountain to get there in time. Along the way I found another water cache.

I reached the highway and headed for the paradise valley cafe. Famous for the best burger along the pct, I didn’t hesitate to get me one.

Found a ride here from a guy who was going up and down the mountain for 5$ each, which was a pretty sweet deal. With 3 other hikers we got in and I couldn’t wait to finally get to a shower and have a fresh pair of clothes. 

Smelling like roses I headed out to explore the town and yet again found so much support for pct hikers. Everyone smiled and wanted to know our stories. I stumbled upon a movie theater that was showing one film, captain america: civil war. 

Hell yeah. Without thinking twice I walked in, stocked up on sweets and sat down in one of the seats. Awesome to do something normal for a night. One slight oversight, the legspace. Not being able to stretch my legs after days of hiking is extremely uncomfortable. But still I was watching Tony Stark kick some Captain America ass, who cares about sore muscles. It was back to the hotelroom after that, hung up my tent to dry it out

 and finally crawled onto my soft matress.

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