Day 17

Mile 151-151
An extremely lazy day is a good summary. Laid on my bed until noon. Skyped with some of my closest friends, ate some breakfast, drank some coffee. I headed to the gear store because the buttons on my shirt were annoying me and I wanted to change it out to a long sleeve t-shirt. I also wanted to work out a system of attaching my umbrella to my pack. I wasn’t using it because I didn’t seem to find a way. They helped me out great and for 1$ I was finally able to have it strapped tight to my backpack. I went back to my cabin and looked into the different ways of getting from the interstate 10 (around mile 209) to Big Bear. There’s another big fire closure and the only way around it is finding a ride to Big Bear. It turns out that a car rental is able to pick you up at Ziggy & The Bear (mile 210), take you to their office and from there you can rent a car and deliver it back in Big Bear Lake. The only problem is that their closed during the weekend so I’d only have 30 miles to cover in four days. I decided to take another zero at Idyllwild and hike out on friday so I’ll be at Ziggy & The Bear by sunday evening. I wasn’t to sad about that. This town is great

and my cabin the cutest thing ever.

 I kicked up my feet and turned on the television only to find out that they had ABC and the CW on demand. Heaven. I was in for a Scandal and Vampire Diaries marathon. 

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