Day 18

Mile 151-151

I tried to extend my stay for one more night but unfortunately my cabin was already rented out. Luckily there was another one available but I did have to check out at noon and come back a couple of hours later. I was allowed to leave my backpack at the office and I still had to get my bounce box in order. Which usually takes a while. After leaving the post office I wanted to look for a nice place where I could read my book (still Seabiscuit) but I found Snapdragon and Sage (trailnames) instead. They were just about to grab some lunch so I tagged a long. I had a blast.

Tasted my first crab cakes (not bad but I’m not hooked just yet) and had the wine almost poor out of my nose with their hilarious, blunt and honest stories. For dessert me and Sage went for some ice cream and started brainstorming for a good trail name for me. We decided that it just had to come naturally so dropped the subject. I noticed that I didn’t have my book with me anymore so I dragged Sage around town to find it. We retrieved it and caught up with Snapdragon and some other hikers. One of them recognised me from back at scissor’s crossing where I found my book in a hiker box. While we were sitting there Sage wanted me to pass something and jokingly called me Seabiscuit. We looked at each other and knew that was it. Trailname: Seabiscuit. I couldn’t be more happy. Sea: blue, I’m always wearing at least one item that’s blue. Biscuit: who doesn’t love cookies? Seabiscuit: I truly am just as fast as a thoroughbred. In the mornings I’m just waiting in my starting gates ready to blast full speed on that pct. Named after a horse. Even better after this legendary horse:

My day couldn’t get any better. It did. Turns out Carlos, the mexican trail legend, was in town. I wasn’t able to see him because I had to get back to my cabin since the Scandal season finale was on that night (I have my priorities) but I was definitely going to find him the next day. 

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  1. Hi seabiscuit. I am always looking out for news from you. Looks like you are enjoying it more and more. Keep up the good spirit.


  2. Hi Seabiscuit 1 , wat een prachtige film was dat. Volgens mij kent iedereen dat paard. We krijgen hier de indruk dat je meer en meer je thuis voelt op de pct. Het lost blijkbaar al je verwachtingen in. Ontmoet veel verschillende mensen.
    Wij zijn telkens blij als er Posts zijn. Dikke Knuf tante Astrid


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