Day 20

Mile 180-190

The worst day, physically that is, yet.

I ate my breakfast feeling cheerful because I was convinced that all the climbing was over. I took out my maps to check how fast I was going to drop down. Horrified I found out that the trail was in fact going to drop to 8000 feet over the course of 3 miles, only to climb back up to 9000. It wasn’t over. It’s hard to explain what your body goes through climbing at such a high altitude. I moved so slow because my muscles weren’t getting the oxygen fast enough and my breathing was all over the place. There was something on the trail today that made all that suffering even worse. Dayhikers. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of them were super friendly. But you see I live on this trail, as of now, this is my entire world. And dayhikers are like tourists invading my town. Having to hike uphill with your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and six liters of water strapped to your back only to watch people barreling down the mountain with only a liter of water in their hands, asking how you’re doing is just really really not what you need at that moment. Some of them even asked me why I was carrying that much. After I told them that I was thru hiking this trail they didn’t seem to know about the pacific crest trail. They were standing on it but I don’t judge. It did sometimes have it’s upsides. When people in fact knew what it was and saw my pack they immediately asked if I was doing the pct and made me feel pretty badass with their amazement. After what felt like a lifetime, the trail finally took a turn and started dropping. I found a campground near mile 190 but to say it’s not ideal is an understatement. 

Waking up early tomorrow because I’m getting the hell of this mountain, it might be pretty but I’m used to belgian sea level. Someone told me that this was probably the hardest hike the pct had to offer in southern California so thank you San Jacinto but I’m never coming back. Let’s hope to god my hiker legs kick in once I reach the Sierra.


I call this one Dog Rock, much cooler than Eagle Rock


A lot of trees blocking my path, it was getting a bit to easy

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  1. Dag Seabiscuit 1 , you did it. !!! Proficiat , goed gedaan en stappen op die hoogte is geen kadootje. Dus hoedje af !!!
    Maar wat een natuur , prachtige foto’s. Hoe voelt het om al zover te komen en al zoveel emoties doorgegaan ?
    Dikke knuffel en 💋


  2. Hi Seabiscuit ik heb da fluitje gehoord dat ge gekocht hebt om de beren weg te houden.
    Ik hoop dat die beren op dezelfde manier gaan reageren als mama en ik want we zijn van
    onze stoel gevallen van het lachen.
    Succes ermee


  3. Hey Snake Charmer i.e. Seabiscuit, I am following your blog, you are headed my way! I am a retired USFS Forester,that worked on the California Plumas National Forest for 33 years and have hiked lots of sections of the PCT and small portions of the JMT. Our hiking group is hiking the PCT (we are the dreaded dayhikers) on May 29 near Butt Mtn. On the Lassen NF, which is nearly the half way point for you. Keep up your electrolytes (one serving powdered Pedialyte is good) and your rest, that will chase those infrequent trail blues away. The trip up the cables to Half Dome in Yosemite National Park is very doable for you ( only a day pack needed) and worth the 16 mile RT.
    I am going to watch your progress. BILL (Trailboss)


  4. hi, Seabiscut!

    Great photos and story, as always.
    there are always worst days on the trail. Some days just suck!

    Thanks just the same for sharing!



  5. Hi Seabiscuit, I am following your blog, you write very well. I am in Northern California, Chico, and have done local sections of the PCT but nothing like what you are doing. Keep them coming. Bill


  6. Stephanie (aka Snake Charmer, Seabiscuit),
    I am following your blog, you write very well, very readable. My name is Bill Smith and I am retired from the USFS, I worked on the Plumas National Forest through which you will pass. I’ve hiked many sections of the trail but nothing like what you are doing. There is snow on the trail here but it will be gone time you arrive. I am about half way up the trial, in Chico, CA. Hike on. Bill


  7. Stefso!

    Ziet er allemaal super zalig uit. Kben goe jaloers. Ge zie da die scouts skills nog goe van pas komen he!!

    Doe da nog goe en veel kuskes xxxxx


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