Day 21

Mile 190-205

Waking up early wasn’t so hard because I kept rolling off my matress. I started my day slowly. By the time I finally had all my gear organised I looked over my shoulder and suddenly my mexican friends appeared. I was thrilled. They waited for me to get ready and we hiked out together. The scenery was absolutely beautiful

Every corner we turned it just kept getting better and better

It felt like we were coming of Olympus. Just magical. Not long after, we took a break and ate our lunch with a fellow hiker named Dan. Pedro and Carlos had already done a couple of miles but I hadn’t and I was starting to feel guilty. After lunch I picked up my pace and followed Dan off the mountain. I lost him after a couple of miles and yet again found myself hiking alone. As much as I love the company I also don’t mind being by myself out there. 

I did kind of lose it looking for the 200 mile marker but then it appeared and I calmed down. 

200 miles, I can’t believe it. It feels like yesterday that I passed mile 100. I didn’t have much sunlight left but I really wanted to reach mile 205 since it had water. So I hurried ahead, almost blew away because of the crazy wind and finally got off the mountain just in time for the sun to set. 

I was exhausted. It had been a rough couple of days and I hadn’t slept much the previous night. I pitched my tent out in the open (excellent plan) and had one of the worst nights yet. The wind was insane. I understand why these are here now.

When I got inside my sleeping bag the wind had gotten so bad that my tent was lying flat on top of me and the sides kept hitting me in the face. All in all I think I slept about 30 minutes. 5 miles out of Ziggy and The Bear, I waited for the sun to rise so I could get this section over with.

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  1. Knap bezig Steffie!!! Prachtig beelden en verhalen om hier te volgen!!! You go girl!!! Nog veel succes van ons 4!!! X


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