Day 22

Mile 205-210

I was completely exhausted. With my last strength I got my pack ready and stumbled to Ziggy & The Bear. 

The wind kept knocking me in the side and all I could think about was sleeping. After a lifetime the house suddenly appeared. In front of it was a hiker named Legend who welcomed me in with open arms. He gave me a quick tour, told me to have some coffee (which I pounded back because I had two hours of driving ahead of me), take a shower, kick up my feet and stay as long as I needed. It was an extremely welcome hiker oasis. 

I found Dan and Jake there, a hiker I met earlier that day and introduced myself to Ziggy & The Bear. Such great people. They asked me to write some of my information down and took a picture of me for their log. I took a much needed shower, ate some cold pizza and called Enterprise to come pick me up. Carlos and Pedro were waiting for me at mile 207 and Jake asked if he could tag along with us. Me and Jake rented a car, picked up Carlos and Pedro still stuck in the blizard and we headed out for a side trip to Palm Springs. Driving up there I got a lesson from Jake in the American way of driving. Apparently red lights mean nothing if you have to turn right (very safe), the first one to arrive at an intersection gets to go for it and stop signs really mean stop. After my lesson the houses suddenly started to get bigger and the cars more expensive. We had reached our first destinantion: Palm Springs. We drove to Elvis Presley’s vacation house to take some pictures (you’re welcome father) 

Not so pretty but still cool. We grabbed some lunch and went on our way to Big Bear. It was heaven driving up there. Climbing to 7000 feet in a car, sitting on your ass, is pure magic for a hiker. As we were almost reaching the top a lake suddenly appeared. Impressive to find it so high up and very beautiful. We dropped Jake off at the trailhead and drove to motel 6 where we had made our reservations. After we got settled in, we headed out to get some dinner and found that the town had already fallen asleep. It was 8 PM and everything was closed. If you want to get on two mexicans and a belgian’s bad side, that’s the way to do it. Starving we headed back and ordered a domino’s pizza. Not ideal but food is food. Deprived of sleep for two days I headed to my room and fell into a coma.

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