Day 23

Mile 210-210

Since sleeping in isn’t an option anymore for my new biorhythm, me and the mexicans started our chores early. Post office for Carlos, getting way to much hikerfood for me at Von’s (where the cashier swiped her Von’s member card so I could get a big discount, really everyone wants to help us crazy pct’ers) and afterwards the gear store. 

Carlos his shoes broke so he needed to get new ones. I gave him the sound advice to not get the waterproof ones because water is eventually getting in there and the non waterproof ones will dry out much faster. We picked up my smaller bounce box and I pushed the bigger one to Wrightwood and we finally had to say goodbye to our car. I will miss it. The man from Enterprise gave us a much welcome ride back to the motel and told us that he was planning on thru hiking the pct at some point as well. We went out to eat a burger at the Broadway Cafe and got our hands stuffed by the cook with small packages of mayonaise. Excellent trail food. We really do get spoiled by everyone every time we get into town and I love it. We each went to our room afterwards and I made myself do laundry before I would be tempted into crashing down on my bed. After my laundry was done I headed to my room and crawled into my warm bed.

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