Day 25

Mile 210-285

Still feeling exhausted I got out of bed and me and the mexicans headed out to the trailhead after lots of coffee. We were going to walk up to the Van Dusen road and meat the pct from there at mile 275. Luckily a women pulled over while we were walking and offered to give us a ride. She told us that she was going to pick up another hiker at the trailhead. It turned out that she welcomed vegan hikers at her home, gave them a place to sleep and offered them hot meals. She dropped us of at the trailhead and we were once again back on the pacific crest trail. We plannend on meeting up again at mile 186 where there was water and camp there for the night. My left shoulder started aching again after only a mile in. It has been the weak link for a while now. I took of my pack and found the problem. My left shoulder strap was hanging much lower than the right one so I was basically carrying all my weight with that shoulder. I have no idea how long it’s been like that but I know for sure now that my left shoulder has gotten some training in. After fixing it I found a good rhythm. After 7 miles my feet started aching badly though and my pace went down dramatically. Since I saw on my guthook app that there was a big campground with toilets and all at mile 185, I decided that to be my finish. I arrived and found Kim Lipstick there setting up her tent. It was a bit windy but next to a picknick table so she convinced me to join her. I found the best spot Seabiscuit could ever dream of.

The nicest coral she’ll ever sleep in.

We cooked our dinners and after a while had Carlos and Pedro join us. We witnessed the most amazing sight

The sun on this side

And the moon right across from it.

Lipstick gave us some sudoku’s and after the sun was gone I headed into my stable. Hoping to reach mile 300 tomorrow but we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Seg amai stefso!! Ni slecht, schoon fotokes!! Ge doet da goe madam!! Succes nog!!!!! Grooetjjjesssssss coxomeistahhhhh xxxxxxx


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