Day 26


Woke up around 7 and ate breakfast at our wonderful table. Still so lazy we hung around there way to long and headed out at 10.30 AM. The trail was very kind. Sunny with just enough wind and a nice levelled path. I was getting a little scared because I was out of water and supposedly there was some just a couple of yards after our campsight. I couldn’t find any. I did start noticing that on my left the bushes looked much greener and more alive. I peaked under them and saw the beautiful sight of clear water. A bit further I found a place to reach it. 

Water in hand we were on our way again. I took a break around 1 PM at a great campsight which had cell service. I called home, ate some lunch, and updated my blog. I had a couple of new reactions and full of pride found my first hateful comment. You know you’ve made it big when the grammatically challenged haters arrive. I was even compared to Cheryl Strayed which in my book has to be a compliment. An hour of relaxing later Carlos and Pedro arrived and I spent an other hour on the rock we nicknamed lazy rock.

(How delicious does my lunch look)

Already 3PM and only three miles in we rejoined the trail. A couple of miles later we started following a creek and had to cross it multiple times. Which more than often proved to be difficult. 

We stopped at Bench Camground and pitched our tents here. I was feeling guilty of doing so little mileage but Carlos convinced me that we got to enjoin the trail today which was very true. Picking up our game tomorrow, leaving early and hopefully reaching mile 310. 

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  1. Don’t feel bad about the occasional slack day. The body needs the rest, and part of the reason you’re out there is to enjoy nature, so have fun with it. Really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work!


  2. Seabiscuit, You are doing a great job on your blog, and the pictures are great, thanks for making the effort.
    When you get withing the Station Fire on the Angeles National Forest, Watch Out For THE “Poodle DOG bush” A shrub that can Cause A Skin REACTION Like Poison Oak OR ivy. I planted 250,000 seedlings after that fire there in 2010, and the poodle dog is probably worse now.
    The big cone Douglass Fir trees there are a fire adapted species and sprout after being burned. The other Douglass Fir that you will see in the Sierras and Oregon and Washington does not sprout after fire. So the Big Cone is very unique.
    Why do you speak and write English so well?
    I hope my hiking group can meet you on the trail this summer, that would be fun. Hike on! Bill


  3. Goe bezig seabiscuit!!! Als ge nog eens stilvalt kom ik u wel eens goei piqure geven!! Komaaaaaan he kben trots xxxxxxx


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