Day 27


We headed out a little earlier today. Hiked until splinter’s cabin parking lot and found Lipstick again. I love her. She’s always giving me stuff. Bagels, almond butter (delicious btw), toothpaste pills (a little weird), sudoku papers, even a place to rest once I reach Cajon Pass. She was leaving the trail for a day to spend the night in Lake Arrowhead (I was very jealous). Found Snapdragon there as well, all healed up, she will be joining us again tomorrow. Carlos, Pedro and Dan left after a while and I stayed behind to give all of you a long overdue update. After I was done I threw out my trash, enjoyed the very clean pit toilets and took on the pct again. It was really nice. The trail wasn’t hard and it was just beautiful following Deep Creek and watching all the people having fun in there. 

It must be incredible having this kind of nature so close to home. I passed the 300 mile marker, awesome ofcourse.

At a point where we could reach Deep Creek to get water I caught up with the mexicans and also met some dirt bike enthusiasts here. All of them big and tough looking guys who were incredibly friendly. I had a nice chat with them and made them laugh hard with my defense weapon against bears which is a whistle because my mother had told me so. She know’s best. Getting back to the pct from there proved to be dangerous with dirt bikes flailing about but it was impressive watching them go over boulders with those things.

Since it was already 3.30 PM by then and we would need 9 more miles to reach mile 310 we decided to see how far we would get. A mile in I found myself hiking alone and planned on reaching mile 306 which was a little under 2 miles away from the hot springs. A very popular area, especially in the weekends and apparently filled with naked people. It’s illegal to camp within a mile from it in both directions. Since I didn’t want to be surprised by all the nakedness by myself at night I thought two miles would be a safe distance. I did encounter a man close to my campsight who was looking for a parking lot. Apparently someone at the hot springs had send him in this direction but the only parking lot I knew was 8 miles back. He disappeared mumbling something. I pitched my tent a little away from the trail and next to a creek. 

Close to as much water I would need and safely hidden from hot springs enthusiasts. The mexicans didn’t caught up with me but I’m sure I’ll see them again tomorrow.

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  1. So very cool! Keep it up! I’m enjoying seeing the PCT through you pictures. I live on the Oregon Washington boarder, about 30miles away from Cascade Locks. I have hiked on stretches of the PCT but never the whole thing. I would have loved to, but back injury made me hang up my pack. So keep up the cool posts and stay safe.



  2. Wauw!! Heb wat moeten doorlezen en ik zie nu al 300 miles staan. zoooo GOE stefsooo
    Kvind wel da ge wa meer groentjes moet eten hihih xoxoxo weeral super fieeeer


  3. Al meer dan 300 Miles. En ik vind dat je steeds meer enthousiast bent. Maar het blijft ook zo mooi en veranderlijk. Blijf er lekker lang van genieten. Groetjes carlo


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