Month: May 2016

Day 8

Mile 68-77 I reached scissor’s crossing in under 4 hours wich must have been my new speed record. Here I met an older couple who were planning on going to Julian as well. I got the number of a trail angel who was driving people up and down from scissors’s to Julian all day (what…

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Day 7

Mile 52-68 With 6 liters strapped to my back and 16 miles to the next water supply, I headed out for a long and hot day. At the water spigot at about mile 52,5 I met up with a lot of hikers who were all planning on reaching mile 68 wich was great motivation to…

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Day 6

Mile 42-52 It’s true what I’ve heard. A zero day makes you lazy. It took a while to find my rhythm which reflects on my mileage. Still those 10 miles were all centered around this view: Amazing. I also met this incredible man before I set off. He had just walked his dog on parts…

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