Day 29

Mile 318-341

We woke up in our lovely suite and tried to find a way to get back to the pct. We didn’t see the sidetrail anywhere but I saw on my maps that at mile 323 the pct joins Highway 173 for about a mile. Since that highway was next to our campground we decided to hike it until we met the pct again. It was a nice change of pace. We reached the pct pretty fast but found out that if we kept following the road we would be at Cajon Pass by the end of the day. It was about 11 more miles following the highway. The pct from there would be 18 more miles. The urge to eat at McDonald’s and the invite to stay at Lipstick’s mom for the night was enough to get me on board. We followed the road until it reached Highway 138. Lipstick decided to call her mother to come pick her and Snapdragon up and they would drive back to come get us once we reached the McDonald’s at Cajon Pass. Since her mother needed at least an hour to reach us we all went a mile further to have lunch at a sushi restaurant. 

I had the philadelphia roll, heaven. Nancy, Lipstick’s mother, arrived and generously offered to take our packs with her. Lipstick and Snapdragon left and me, Pedro and Dan strolled further along the highway. We took a little pitstop at the Lake Silverwood Country Store to get a couple of beers to make our walk even nicer. Afterwards we kept going until the McDonald’s and finally got the dollar deals we were waiting so long for. Snapdragon and Lipstick came to pick us up and we drove to Upland. We made a quick detour for some pizza’s and afterwards we were welcomed into this wonderful house. Nancy was too good for us. She took our dirty body’s in, stuffed our hands with soap and soft towels and let us use her shower. 

Dan got the old recliner in the garage, me the couch in the living room and Pedro the floor next to me. Snapdragon and Lipstick stayed with us to watch the final episode of the Voice (Adam Levine’s guy should have won). It was so nice. After a month of living like a hobo it was great to get that family feel again. I dozed off after the show was over, excited to take a zero in this awesome place.

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