Day 30

Mile 341-341

Most comfortable couch I ever slept on.

 I got up and started my day with french toast made by Lipstick and some freshly plucked berries.

I could get used to this.

Lipstick wanted to make her famous lasagna for tonight so we got in the car, dropped Nancy of at her quilting club, and went to the grocery store. We took a little roadtrip through town and drove by the University quarter. I saw Lipstick’s old high school and was shocked to find it completely gated. Sad to see that these children need to be protected like this. We drove back to the house and I watched Lipstick work her magic. 

We went out again to REI because Pedro’s tent ripped and Lipstick’s shoes were hurting her to much. I have been thinking about changing out my fly creek tent to the copper spur but I didn’t think they would take my tent back. It was dirty, a cord ripped and I’m pretty sure I was missing some stakes. Everyone kept saying that REI doesn’t care and that they would take it back for sure. They were right. No questions asked they took it back and for 40 dollars more I got myself a new and bigger tent. 

I will miss my little fly creek but I absolutely love this tent! No more crawling inside, sideway entrances rock.

After a quick stop at Walmart, we went to Lipsticks’s grandmother (she’s a 100 years old). She had some ressuply boxes for her granddaughter and in return we did some yardwork. By we I mean Lipstick, Daniel and Pedro. I was holding the equipment, mostly pretending to be busy and cuddling the fat chihuahua. 

After they were done we went back and started on our lasagna. Delicious. Some family friends turned up and we had a great night. 

It ended with more tv and Lipstick cracking our backs. 

I don’t think there’s much this woman can’t do. With my hips loosened up I was ready to hit the trail again in the morning.

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  1. Hi Seabiscuit, Or should I say Lasagna roll? I am enjoying your adventure and glad you are too.
    We hiked part of the PCT last weekend, near Lassen Volcanic National Park. The Park road is still closed due to snow, we had an inch above normal rainfall here in Chico, this winter, and they had a lot of snow. The trail still has a lot of snow drifts, but it will melt out soon, it’s already been 100 degrees here in the Valley, just west of the Sierra Nevada. I have another PCT connection who is at mile 500, but the trail is closed from Tehachapi Mtns. to Kennedy Meadow, I am told, so he is scratching his head trying to decide what to do, I guess it’s a 100+ mile stretch. The trail is supposedly closed due to fire, this year or last year I wonder? Dead snags along the trail will usually cause the US Forest Service to close the trail. I am sure you are keeping up on “trail talk” so this is probably old news to you.
    OK, enjoy your stroll…Bill


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