Day 31

Mile 341-369

Got spoiled again by Lipstick and Nancy in the morning. Egg and advocado sandwiches. I could eat advocado’s all day and the many I’ve tasted in California are by far the best. We readied our backpacks and waited for our ride to trailhead. After he’d arrived we unfortunately had to say our goodbyes. Real trailangels our Nana and Popo. They took such good care of us. Fed us, let our stinky butts through their bedroom to take a shower, gave us their car to do our chores and from the start made me feel right at home. 

We drove to the trailhead and I got to see Upland for the last time. We started next to the freeway. The pct went under it and started climbing right after. But it was doable. I found out that Dan and Spandragon both forgot theit hats and by some insane reason I had two extra. I gave Snapdragon my bucket hat (it’s a little to tight for me) and let Dan borrow the infamous buffalo hat. We each took our pace and met up again 4 miles later. Lipstick and Dan had been looking at the maps and asked if we wanted to walk the road again. The inclination stays the same on the road but their are no switchbacks. I was sceptic at first because I didn’t want skipping parts of the pct to be a regular thing. Snapdragon was in and planned on hitchhiking into town because her achilles tendon was hurting too much and Pedro would be joining her. I caved. I like these people so much and I’m not ready for this group to split up just yet. It’s not exactly the proper way of thru hiking the pct but I am walking to Canada one way or the other and I’m having so much fun doing it. We split up at the road and saw them catch a ride really quick. After half a mile of roadwalking a woman stopped to offer us a ride into Wrightwood and told us it was going to rain. Lipstick agreed but I wanted to walk into town. She took my backpack with her and I took out my sweater and rain jacket hoping I would make it before the rain. A little further ahead I saw them stop for Dan and take his backpack as well. He waited for me to catch up and we hauled our stubborn bones up the road. It was fun and without our backpacks the inclination was very doable. We found the perfect house for Daniel to grow old in.

He blends right in. Thank god for my buffalo hat or I would lose that man within seconds. Hours later we made it into town. My phonebattery was dead and Dan forgot his so we stopped at a mini market and charged my phone so we could find out where the rest of our party got settled. They rented the cabin of a pct hiker friendly family only a few blocks of where we were. It was brilliant. 30$ each, 3 seperate bedrooms, a lounge, a dining table, kitchen, washing machines and even a bbq outside. We got cleaned up and after eating everything in sight, I passed out on the couch barely noticing Lipstick taking of my glasses and telling me goodnight. 

My cat’s face was everywhere

Trail lasagna

This house in Wrightwood is awesome

Our little cabin

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