Day 32


During the night I managed to crawl from the sofa into the bedroom and continued my coma. We stayed at the cabin until noon which gave us enough time to sort out their resupply packages and my bounce box. We packed up our stuff again and headed to the town center. I sent my bounce box to Acton and got what I needed from the grocery store. Since I needed a little more time in town for all of that I told them to go ahead and that I would find my way to the trailhead on my own. We would camp at the Grassy Hollow Visitor Center which was only a mile further down the pct. Once I was ready I started walking down Highway 2 and found a ride without even trying. A man stopped going the other way and told me to wait 10 minutes if I wanted a ride. I sat down in the shade until he returned. He was from Wrightwood and told me that the locals just love it when pct’ers come through their town. We saw Daniel on our way up. He prefers to make a continuous footpath and doesn’t like taking rides which is very impressive. We reached the trailhead and my lift asked if he could walk up the hill with me. I was more than glad to have the company and walked up until we saw a bench. We sat there for a while, during which he pointed out all the mountains we could witness.

It is absolutely the most beautiful area so far. We parted ways and I hurried down to catch up to my trail family. The campground was great. Nice flat area, benches (something we love the most), fire pits, toilets and electrical outputs. Dan joined us a few hours later and we pulled out the very fine wine we stuffed our packs with. We suddenly saw a man coming down the pct hiking south. He had a huge fishnet strapped to his pack which appeared to be filled with doritos. 

He came over and asked if we were thru hikers. He then told us that he sobo section hikes it every year and carries goodies with him to hand out to thru hikers. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How awesome is this guy? Goaltech was his name. We could each choose between a bag of chips, chocolate or coffee. Since chips would go great with my wine I thought that to be an excellent choice. He wrote down our names and went a little further to pitch his tent a long with his hiking buddy named Toothfairy. We enjoyed our gift and spent the rest of the night laughing, drinking and enjoying the excellent fire Lipstick aka Snakeskinner had made.

Daniel pulled out a bottle of brandy and this is where I made a bad decision. Drinking it. 

Buzzed I turned to my sleeping bag, convinced climbing Mount Baden-Powell would be crazy easy. 

Miniature town a man build in Wrightwood

My little bounce box

Look at this castle

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