Day 35

Mile 400-418

I felt much better after waking up. I slept a little late and Snapdragon had already left. Shortly after I started on my breakfast Lipstick and Pedro hiked out as well. Dan stayed behind with me. We were all probably going to split up today. Pedro, Snapdragon and Lipstick planned on a 13 mile day but me and Dan wanted to reach the Fire Station which was at mile 418. It was a hot day but I was hiking energetic. My phone was shuffling my playlist like crazy. I met up with everyone but Lipstick 3 miles later. Snapdragon took a headstart and the three of us sticked together for a while. My guthook warned me about poodle dog bush and we were anxiously waiting for it to pop up and not sure if we would recognize it. There was no need to worry, you can smell it before you see it. It smells like sour beer and it’s the most evil looking plant I’ve ever seen. 

Even if I didn’t know about it’s dangers I’d instantly back away from it. But it is very fascinating to me this poodle dog bush. It rises up after a fire, to protect the broken down nature, only to die off after 10 years or so. If you would touch this plant, you’ll start getting huge blisters after about 3 days to two weeks and would probably need some hospital time. Getting this one on you is much worse than poison oak. Still I think it is very cool that nature creates a plant that protects the healing habitat around it. We split up after a while because Pedro found his zone again and I took a longer break than Daniel. I found Pedro again after a while and he kept me company while I was eating my lunch about 7 miles in. We would have to climb from here over some mountains. It was tough but manageable. Peace of cake if you compare it to Baden-Powell. At mile 412 I saw Pedro one last time. He was going to camp a mile further but I was still feeling good so deciced to try and make it to the Fire Station. The trail went downhill again and I took it slow because my feet were tired. I think I passed Lipstick’s tent at around mile 415 but I wasn’t sure. The next 3 miles went by slowly but I didn’t feel too bad and I knew I’d have time to make it before the sun would set. Half a mile before my destination I finally got to see a wild animal. One not from the lizard, snake or bird family. 

I was happy. It crossed the pct and I didn’t see it again. Once I got settled in at the campground I was sad I couldn’t share it with my trailfamily. I hadn’t seen Dan there either. There was a bench and if there’s one thing we love it’s by far a bench. I’ll keep going as far as I can tomorrow because I want to be in Acton the day after but I’m certain I’ll see them again at the KOA in Acton.

What a nice lady

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