Day 39

Mile 444-?

I got my stuff packed up before 10 AM because our ride would be there by then and Lipstick didn’t want to keep him waiting for even a second. Hadley, Cheryl and Batman had decided to go with us. There was an active wildfire, called the Chimney Fire, near the pct and it was closed from Walkers Pass (mile 652) until Kennedy Meadows (mile 702). We didn’t now what was going to happen and there was a possibility they would close even more parts of the trail. The fire had already taken down 1000 acres in a matter of hours and it was nowhere near to being contained.  The heat was also getting to all of us. At 9 you already started melting away. Every hiker that walked into the KOA was cursing the heat. We were all to happy to get away from it. Our first destination would be Ventura where Lipstick’s youngest son lives. It’s at the beach so I was looking forward to finally breath the nice cool sealevel air again. Unfortunately our ride never showed up but a girl who worked at the KOA offered to take us. I had seen her drive around hikers ever since I got there. Great girl. I got crammed in the backseat with three other hikers. Two of them got dropped of at Acton and the other one was taking a couple of days off aswell. He was going to the trainstation and take the train to Los Angeles. We were talking for a while, in english ofcourse, and I asked him where he was from. Den Haag he told me. We continued in dutch. It’s strange for me to start speaking dutch here. A weird accent always comes out at first but it was nice anyway. We got to the trainstation but found out that we had to wait two hours for the train to Palmdale. We bought our tickets but decided to try and hitch in the meantime. Rather fast a man took pity on us. We where standing in the shade of a tree but we were still hot as hell. He brought us straight to Enterprise and we couldn’t thank him enough. 

We got a family van and headed to a Goodwill store. If we were going to take a vacation we would do it in style. I bought myself some flip flops, a dress, a shirt and a skirt. I didn’t spend more than 20 dollars. I love Goodwill! 

I got my first Subway sandwich and we drove back to the KOA to pick up the rest of our party. Batman was still waiting for a package so me, Lipstick, Spinach and Moonshine drove to Hiker Heaven, while he waited, to pick up their ressuply. It was great there, other then it being incredibly hot and not much shade it looked like a great stop for hikers. 

We found Daniel again and got to hug him one last time. We went back for Batman and then drove to Hiker Town to pick up more of their ressuply. It was a strange little place. It didn’t really speak to me with the depressing desert surrounding it. 

After that we were finally on our way to Ventura. Away from this heat. As we were driving we started seeing nature come to live again. Advocado farms, orange trees, wineries. The heat dropped and the sun disappeared as well. A huge cloud covered the ocean side of California. Lipstick told me this happens when it gets so hot inland. I didn’t care since I could breath again. She knew some campgrounds next to the ocean but they were first come, first serve and extremely popular. We decided to drive to Faria Beach Park and hope for the best. There weren’t any sites left but we did get lucky. There was a lot of room between two sites and both sides agreed to let us use it for no charge. One of them was leaving in the morning so we could stay an extra day and take theirs. We got settled in and I enjoyed the sound of the ocean tremendously. 

I got to meet Lipstick’s son who was born the same year as me. Tired of running around all day we all went to bed and glad we got to spent a whole day at the beach tomorrow.

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  1. Seabiscuit, can you tell Lipstick to call me, Naomi, your neighbor at Faria, I took her son’s cooler. I can take it to her mom in upland cuz I live really close. My home # is 909 440-6253


  2. En wij maar denken dat ze decors gebruiken voor hun Far West films . Neen dus
    Mooie foto’s van jullie trouwens
    LY XXX


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