Day 40-47

I have had the best week. We went from the ultimate surfer town Ventura to Morro Bay where I got to see Morro Rock and otters playing in the ocean. We passed San Simeon and I saw seals in the wild for the first time. There we also passed Hearst Castle, a mansion build in the 1920’s by a very rich man that is now a tourist attraction. Other than it being big, it’s hard to impress a european with a 80 year old house. I also got a nice sunburn there on the beach. From the ocean we went to Sequioa & King Canyon’s National Forest. I got to do some horseback riding which was awesome. Saw the enormous General Grant and his equally impressive family. After Sequioa we headed to Yosemite Valley to see the parts we don’t get to see on the trail. The most beautiful park I’ve ever seen. Absolutely stunning. The waterfalls, Half Dome, El Capitan. After Yosemite we drove to Kennedy Meadows to drop of Snapdragon. The rest of us decided to start again at Walkers Pass. I’m skipping 200 desert miles but I absolutely want to walk into Kennedy Meadows. Driving up there we stopped at Tuolomne Meadows and talked to some great hikers. After that we finally got a taste of Kennedy Meadows. It was better than I dreamed. Filled with hikers who cheered every time new hikers walked in. After only 5 minutes someone passed me I recognised. It was the russian who made me feel better in Mount Laguna. I was so happy to see him again, we hugged and he told me about his desert experience. I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s been 400 miles since I’ve seen him but he was one of the first people I really connected with. Lipstick rounded us up and we drove down to Ridgecrest. Too late to pick up my bounce box so I had it forwarded to Kennedy Meadows. After almost 10 days of laziness I hope I’ll be ready for the trail again tomorrow!

(Pictures will follow)

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