Day 48

Mile 444-656

I shared a room at motel 6 with Lipstick. 55+ gets a discount and check out is 2 hours later. I’m going to hang out with older people exclusively from now on. We headed to the post office to send some stuff to Kennedy Meadows and lighten our load. Moonshine fixed us a ride at about 4PM so we went to a diner and waited for him. 

It was extremely hot outside but then I saw pictures of the diner being snowed in. 

I don’t understand this high desert. Our ride got there and me and Lipstick were dropped off at Walker Pass. Moonshine, Spinach and Batman were going to the Walker Pass Campground because there were some trailangels coming there. Me and Lipstick wanted to get a couple of miles in because it was a 18 mile dry stretch from here. We hugged and said goodbye but they’ll definetely catch up to us. Because the trailhead is a lot higher up than the town of Ridgecrest it was much cooler. It started at 5000 feet and the next 4 miles climbed to about 6500 feet. Not a great start after a week of doing nothing. Lipstick started before me and I saw her hiking very steady. Me on the other hand, not so much steadiness. I kept going but my rhythm was nowhere to be found. I took a nap somewhere after an hour and carried on. I found Lipstick at our campground 4 miles in. It was a nice place. We also met a group of hikers we saw last in the Big Bear area. They were a little confused that we were ahead of them. We told them what happened and sat with them telling each other stories and eating our dinners. We got to bed and I’m hoping I will find my rhythm tomorrow.

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