Day 49


That’s right. I did exactly 1 mile. I got up before six so pretty early for me but I wasn’t feeling great. Not sore muscles but more like I had a cold. Lipstick got ready before me and we planned on camping near the water about 13 miles from here. I took an hour longer then her and saw that she forgot her umbrella. I strapped it to my pack, now carrying two umbrellas I don’t use and started my hike. I was exhausted after five meager steps. This wasn’t normal. I might have lost a little of my momentum and maybe some muscle tone but it couldn’t be this bad. I hiked for a mile and went to lie down. That was all I did for the rest of the day. Lying down under a tree. 

Many hikers came and went but I couldn’t find the strength to get up and get moving. Spinach and Moonshine walked up and joined me for a couple of hours. I told them that I was going to stay here until tomorrow. My throat was sore, I had a headache and I was just tired. I didn’t want to push anything until that got better. They left and promised to wait for me in Kennedy Meadows. I moved after a while because my tree lost it’s shade. While I was napping I overheard two girls meeting each other and taking a rest together. I couldn’t see them but I picked up parts of their conversation. The one girl was here with a friend of hers who you could recognize by her woolen beanie. She’s interested in organic farming and so his her friend. They left and I didn’t really think about it anymore but a while later I openend up facebook and the first thing that popped up was an article a woman wrote in Idyllwild about pct hikers. The first one interviewed was Pedro Longoria. Well done Airlift, I’m jealous. The rest of the interview was dedicated to these two girls called Sydney and Savannah who love organic farming. I couldn’t believe the chances. Better yet I immediately recognised their names because the mother of one of them is following my blog and is always ready to give me advice or spur me on. Thank you for that Diane, I’ll make sure to meet up with them in Kennedy Meadows! I pitched my tent around 5 and got in half an hour later. I hope I’ll feel better in the morning and reach Kennedy Meadows by tuesday at the latest. I don’t have to worry about food but I just can’t stand this damned desert anymore with it’s long waterless stretches. 

My day wasn’t entirely useless, I made these beautiful scetches that I can’t deny the world to see.

I’m so talented

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  1. Haha, you ran into the girls, that’s awesome. And yes, I am Creepy Stalker Mom! It’s good that you’re resting when you need to. Take it easy out there, and drink plenty of water, especially in the higher altitudes. One foot in front of another, just keep walking… You can do it!!!!


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