Day 53-54

Mile 702-702

I spent two days in this hiker heaven. Relaxing, eating, drinking, showering, cleaning my clothes and cheering for fellow hikers who arrived.

It was a fun place but it had it’s down sides. The store owners didn’t seem to happy with all the hikers and weren’t able to handle the huge amount of people that are on the trail this year. They complained about the showerwater being gone every day because of all the long showers we take and a lot of products being gone the moment they restock. I’d feel bad if I didn’t have to pay for all that stuff. I swear, I lost so much money in there and I wasn’t the only one. That store is an absolute goldmine during hiker season. So in my opinion either don’t let us in or do it with a little more enthusiasm and please to god have the porta potties emptied more than once a week if you do. But anyways I did have a lot of fun. Grumpy Bear, a restaurant a couple of miles up the road, was great. This kid came to pick up hikers a couple of times a day, which was a great succes I tell you and extremely entertaining to watch all those hungry hikers piling in the truck. 

But for unlimited pancakes in the morning who can blame them? I had a rib eye there for thirty bucks (totally worth it). 

(Me and the grumpy bear dog)

We spent the other two nights in the tipi as well but after the last night I was ready to get out. Lipstick was getting off in Lone Pine and going home for a couple of weeks so we needed to get going. 

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