Day 59-81

Long story short, I took a little break from the trail. I tagged along with Lipstick who generously took me into her home. Her house is incredible. Right on the beach in Leucadia, with the kind of sunsets you can’t even dream of. The house itself was a revolving door to say the least. People kept coming and going which gave me the chance to meet a lot of people. She took me with her on a vacation with the motor home at Mission Bay which was great. Got to see Sea World fireworks every night, went paddleboarding (love it!) and went on a couple of bike rides around the bay which is beautiful. When we got back I got settled in the barn. A barn is a dream after living in a tent for two months. I loved Encinitas. Everyone was so great. Her daughter in law Erica became my new american bestie. I adored her friend Jules who was british and a writer. Right before we got back on the trail Lipstick even took me with her to a wedding. I had an absolute blast and was happy to get back to society for a while but I have to admit after two weeks I was longing for the trail again. I needed some time to miss it and that’s what happened. I don’t regret getting off at all but I am sad that I couldn’t experience the Sierras. But after seeing all those people with ice axes and microspikes in Kennedy Meadows I knew it wasn’t my year to do it. It is an unusually heavy snow year and to say I have no experience in that area is an understatement. I needed to get off anyway. The desert was hard on me, more mentally than physically. It takes a toll having to be unsure and to hurry everytime to get to the next watersupply. And by meeting this women I was given the gift of being able to take a breather and not having to leave the trail for good. The plan is to get back on at Echo Lake which is mile 1092 and finishing the trail from here to Canada. I’ve heard it’s beautiful so I’m anxious to get there!

(Pictures will follow)

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  1. You and Lipstick are amazing people. So happy to have met you gals. Everyone has a different journey. Off the trail for 2 days and i want to get back on. Rock ON & KEEP moving. Spa Bro#2


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