Day 80

On wednesday we were all packed up and ready to get back on the trail. As luck would have it, Lipstick had a friend living in Alamo (close to San Fransisco) who needed his car to be driven up from San Diego. Once we got there he would take us to the trailhead at Echo Lake after spending the night somewhere in South Lake Tahoe. We headed to Lipstick’s parents house first to drop off her dog which gave me the chance once again to be spoiled by nanny en popo. 

It was a 7 hour drive total to get to Alamo and I drove the last part. I must say, coming from European freeways, it is absolutely horrible driving here. Left is the fastlane for the love of god. If you’re not passing someone just go to the right. After cursing a lot I got us to Mike’s house. He was very welcoming and his house was great. The views were just unbeatable. 

To top things off, it turned out he made his own wines. 

I don’t need much more. He cooked us a nice dinner and served us wine straight from the barrel. We spent the night laughing and enjoying his delicious wine. Tomorrow we will be driving up to Lake Tahoe and I am so excited. I’m not even back and trail magic is already starting to happen.

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