Day 81

Mike had some work to do in the morning which gave Lipstick and me some time to fight off our hangover. 

The wine was just to good. We were on the road at around 1PM headed for Tahoe. It was a beautiful drive. I was so excited being back in the mountains. 

We got to the post office at around 4PM so I could sort out my boxes. They were supposed to be send to Encinitas while I was there but by some reason they were returned to the return adress. Moonshine had put down hers, when she had forwarded them, which was Bellingham, Washington. By the time they had gotten there, there was no way they could have gotten to Encinitas in time so Moonshine’s sister sent them to Lake Tahoe. The sorting out took me way to long and by the time I was done the post office had just closed. We decided to find a campground somewhere and come back in the morning to ship them to Truckee. We found a campground which was unfortunately booked but ofcourse Lipstick has her ways. She went to talk to someone who told her that they had booked a couple of sites with the family but some of them had left early so we could have one for the night. Karma? Trailmagic? I don’t know but the coincidence was unbelievable. We pitched our tents and drove to a BBQ place to get some takeout. We spent the rest of the night on our site enjoying a nice fire. 

Tomorrow I’ll finally be back and I couldn’t be happier.

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