Day 82

Mile 1092-1101

After waiting for Mike to get up we dropped my boxes off at the post office and headed to the trailhead at Echo Lake Chalet. It was a beautiful sight. We had to look around for the trail but finally found it. I was back and couldn’t be happier. 

We took a boat ride for 14 dollars a little further up the trail so we could see all of Echo Lake. Beautiful. 

I was all to jealous looking at those people’s houses up there. We got to the trail and it was time to get serious. 

We weren’t planning on doing to many miles so our bodies could ease back into it. I went on my way and looked around in awe. The views were breathtaking. 

This is why I came here, I couldn’t care less about the desert, this is what it’s about. The trail itself however proofed to be rather difficult. The elevation wasn’t to bad but the path itself was hard. Only rocks with a lot of them not very stable. Not ideal to start again. We took a break at Aloha Lake which to me is the absolute winner so far. 

It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and that you can only get there by walking makes it that more special. We hiked on because we wanted to reach Susie Lake. It’s close to Dick’s Pass which we planned on climbing the next day. My muscles were handling everything pretty well and my stamina was okay. But the roughness is definitely gone. My feet were dying, especially because my nails were pushing into my skin, my back and shoulders were crumbling because of the weight of my pack and my knees and ankles were screaming at me. It’s definitely going to take me a while to get strong again. But the trail is just stunning here so that was able to distract me enough. We got to Susie Lake and found a campground with two other girls. I threw my pack off and went for a nice swim in the lake. 

Water is so awesome. We talked a little to the other girls and found out they had been hiking for about three days and plannend on staying on for two weeks until Yosemite but one of them was feeling miserable so they were thinking about quitting tomorrow. We started asking her questions about what she was eating and if she took her elektrolytes. Lipstick ofcourse started stuffing her hands with wathever she had in her backpack to help her. We joined them for dinner and I had the best meal yet, this bisque soup I found in Walmart. I’m gonna order 500 of those babies I swear. I topped it off with a delicious chocolate/hazelnut butter/honey sandwich and felt perfectly content looking over the lake. I’m so glad I’m back. I wouldn’t have expected me to miss it so much but I did a lot. We’ll see how far we get tomorrow after Dick’s Pass but I’m not in to much of a hurry. A lot of our friends are still behind and I want to meet up with them before Lipstick leaves again.


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