Day 83

Mile 1101-1119

Woke up in the morning with surprisingly sore free muscles. But the rest of my body, oh man. My feet were aching, my back was dying and my hips were bruised. Everything was smooth and clean again and needed some serious strengthening up. We ate breakfast with the two girls we camped with and continued lifting there spirits. The gas for my stove turned out to be empty because I forgot to check it before we left. Luckily the girls carried an extra one and decided to give it to me. I couldn’t have been more grateful. I stuffed their hands with gatorade chews and powder and they were just as thankful for it. We said our goodbyes and each headed our way. I decided to make a timelapse video with my phone because I just purchased a solar panel so I didn’t have to worry about batterylife that much anymore. I would show it to you guys but after watching it, it went so fast that it made me feel carsick. Hopefully I can slow it down once I have my computer. Dick’s pass was a doozy but manageable. I caught up to Lipstick, who left a bit before me, about halfway up there. The climb went pretty well and it was gorgeous getting up there with spectacular views of the surrounding lakes. 

The snow on top was very cool aswell. I ate my lunch up there, called home since I finally had reception and went on my way. The descent was pretty easy except for some patches of snow but they were not that hard to get around. Once I got down I spent some time at Dick’s Lake which was yet again amazing.

Have I mentioned I am loving Desolation Wilderness? I talked to two women who were just out for the weekend and one of them turned out to have gone to the same university as Laura Hillenbrand, the author of Seabiscuit and she told me a bunch of interesting things about her. I hiked on a little more because we wanted to reach Middle Velma Lake. Some weekendhikers told us it was really beautiful and 8 miles sounded perfect after just getting back and having to do a pass. On my way there I talked with another hiker who was also just out for a couple of days and he told me that only two weeks ago this area was covered in snow. Amazing how fast it can change. I got to Middle Velma Lake and left my backpack to find me and Lipstick a nice campsite. This turned out to be rather difficult and by the time she caught up with me I still hadn’t find a good spot. We decided to cram our tents almost on top of each other in this little space we found. 

The view was unbeatable though. We ate our supper and got to bed early. I was tired but enjoying this section tremendously. It’s the most beautiful part for me yet and I can’t wait to see more of it tomorrow.

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