Day 84

Mile 1109-1118

Got out of my tent in the morning and enjoyed this amazing view. 

I made a nice cup of coffee and sat back eating my breakfast. A group of rangers passed by who were clearly doing some trailwork. Me, still enjoying my morningcoffee smiled and waved at them. One of the rangers stopped and asked me if I was just out for the weekend or a pct hiker. I think I was in luck I was a pct hiker because he told me he could fine me for camping so close to the river. I was shocked but understood him completely. He told me that this is such fragile soil that it is mandatory to camp at least a 100 feet away from water. He was very kind luckily and let it slide. No more camping so close to rivers, that’s for sure. Me and Lipstick planned on meeting at Richardson’s Lake which was a little over 9 miles and would decide how much further we would go from there. The hike was once more just breathtaking. It’s great starting back on in this section because the nature itself is such a great motivator. We met up at the lake rather early in the day but it was to good to pass up camping here. 

We pitched our tent and jumped in the river and swam in it for at least an hour. Cold at first but so refreshing. Stuff like this was only a dream while hiking the desert. After the swim we got to talking with a girl who was sobo section hiking and she told us there was a Sierra Club hut a little less than a mile away. We went to check it out and it was so cool. 

The first time I had seen anything like it. We signed the register and hiked back to our campsite. I ate my dinner and spent the rest of the night in my tent listening to my audiobook. We are going to hike to the Barker Pass Trailhead tomorrow and get a ride from there into Truckee. One of my trekkingpoles broke in half a while back and Leki had sent a replacement piece to Truckee. My knees were struggling using just one pole so I was pretty anxious to get there.

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