Day 85


The hike to Barker Pass was rather easy and again with great views. 

We ate our lunch at the parking lot at Barker Pass and hitched a ride with a dayhiker down to Tahoe. That was incredible. I hadn’t really seen the lake up close when we drove up there with Mike so I was happy I could still see it. 

I haven’t seen a lake quite like it. It seems more like an ocean. Amazing. Spent some time just sitting there and enjoying it. After a while we got back to sticking our thumbs out. We got a ride from a guy in his RV with two huge dogs. A shepherd and a labradoodle. Except that it smelled a bit (and that says something coming from a dirty hiker), I was perfectly fine hugging those dogs until we got to Truckee. He dropped us off in the middle of town and I rushed down to 711 to get me a Doctor Pepper and a slice of pizza. We called for a room at the Inn at Truckee and started walking over there. On our way a man suddenly stopped and asked if we were pct hikers in need of a ride. We were almost at the hotel so we told him not really but we did need a ride to the post office which was in the old part of Truckee. He told us to hop in and said he could take us down there and back. I couldn’t believe our luck. He was a fireman and had some family on the trail at the moment, a niece I believe. I enjoyed the older part of the town a lot. Our luck in the post office had evaporated it seemed. Lipstick’s ressuply package was rerouted by mistake and Leki hadn’t send me all the parts I needed to fix my pole. Our driver decided to drive us to every single sports outfitter he could think of in case they sell that specific part. None of them did but it was incredible that he was willing to do all of that. With my pole still broken, he brought us to the hotel and we checked into our room. Leki’s customer service was closed by then so I’d have to try and reach them in the morning. I got showered and threw my clothes in the laundry. We spent the rest of the night watching tv until I fell asleep. We weren’t in need of a zero so we were going to head out tomorrow and doing a nero. Not far up the trail there was another Sierra Club cabin called the Peter Grubb Hut so we planned on spending tomorrow night there.

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