Day 86


I talked to Leki in the morning and again without even needing any proof they promised to send the part I needed to the next town which was Sierra City. Absolutely great customer service. It seems ‘Hello, I am a pct hiker’ are the magic words. I resupplied at the supermarket and we were out of our room by 12PM. We first tried to hitch from the McDonald’s next door but that wasn’t working very well. We walked out of there and closer to the freeway with a sign held up. From there it didn’t take long before we got picked up and were on our way to the trailhead. From the trailhead it was only a short walk to the Peter Grubb hut which was perfect. It was so much fun once we got there. 

It had toilets (you couldn’t breath in them but still), plates and cups were inside, it was mosquito free, it had solar lighting inside, there was a creek nearby and to top it off I had reception. Perfect place for a nero. A lot of hikers came and went and another group decided to stay. I had carried a bottle of wine in one of my platypus bladders so we were set. 

Spent the rest of the night laughing and talking with hikers who passed through and by night time laid down our pads and sleeping bags in a side room. The hike into Sierra City has a lot of big climbs so we’ll see how I’ll hold up with my temporary one pole system.

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