Day 87

Mile 1160-1171

Woke up in the morning with a friend texting me to download Pokémon Go because I’ll find all the rare ones out here for sure. Amused I decided to go for it. 

Alas, no luck. Even they are to scared to come out here. I said goodbye to the magical Peter Grubb hut and went on my way. I planned on about 14 miles, where there was some good water. I had a lot of tough climbs ahead of me and the first one started right after the hut. Luckily about 1 mile into my hike that day I was passed by someone who later would be called ‘Spa Boy Number Two’. We got to talking and it turned out he was out here to do this section of the pct with his brother. From I-80 until Sierra City. They just started today but he proofed to be an excellent uphill buddy, we talked all the way to the top, and before I knew it climb number one was conquered. He hiked down with me for a little while but stopped somewhere to wait for his brother. He planned on camping at the same spot as me and Lipstick so I would be seeing him again and meet his brother by the end of the day. I hiked on until I got down and took a break before the next uphill. At the next top I met up with some hikers I knew from Kennedy Meadows, I took a break with them once I got down from that one. They told me about how beautiful the Sierras had been and I felt an ache go through me. I’m still not sorry but that doesn’t take away the fact that I would have loved to see it for myself. I got up and over the next mountain and found Lipstick down there at Lacey Creek. She had pitched her tent because the mosquitos were eating her raw. Just as we were deciding if we’d hike until the next water, the two brothers came down so we decided to stay. They absolutely cracked me up trying to pitch their tiny little tent. Apparently their other brother had given it to them but they had never pitched it before. We started helping them and made it work after a few tries. There was the case of an extra pair of tent poles that seemed to have no purpose whatsoever but at least the tent was standing upright. Somewhere after that the Spa Boys incident occured. We had explained to them the concept of trailnames and while we were talking about how it is to live on the trail for such a long time, Spa Boy Number One started telling us this story about him going to the spa once with his wife. Other than paining me with this story I didn’t understand the purpose. The Spa Boys were born. He totally ruined that for his brother. We all got into our tents and planned on staying together until they got to Sierra City. It’s still three big climbs between here and there so my muscles sure could use the rest. At least I knew the Spa Boys would be there to entertain me along the way.

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  1. I am so happy you are hiking in great company. The photos are glorious and I find myself sitting at my kitchentable crying because I want to be on that trail! (Next year for sure)
    Thanks again for sending story and pics!

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