Day 88


Me, The Spa Boys and Lipstick got up early and I was out of our camp first. My climbing had been going pretty well and it was no different today. The first two mountain tops were breathtaking and made for a very rewarding climb. 

With some cellservice at the top I called home and saw the rest of my group pass me by. I caught up to them after hanging up the phone and we all took a lunchbreak together. The Spa Boys wanted to reach this lake that was off the pct but it was an official camground so that sounded good to us. Once we got down and to the point where we had to follow a road down to get there the brothers had decided they wanted to keep going. There was still one climb ahead of us and the closer they got today the less they had to tomorrow. I agreed and preffered to be in Sierra City sooner rather than later. An ice cold Dr Pepper was waiting for me down there. Other than having to stop to refill my waterbottles I powered up that mountain and was rewarded with a great campsite and an amazing view. The Spa Boys entertained me the entire night with their childhood stories and travels around Europe, how they missed their kids already and how ‘Spa Boy Number Two’ could convince his wife to do this entire trail. So random but great to have met these two men. They will be missed. I went to bed and was happy Sierra City was just an 8 mile downhill hike from here.


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